Name that company

How well do you know the Missouri business community?

In each issue of Missouri Business magazine, we test readers with a challenge to identify one of our state’s finest companies.

Here is the current challenge. If you know the answer, fill out the form below with your answer and your contact information. If you have the right answer, you could win $50!

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Name That Company:

ntcBased in Fredericktown, this fast-growing Missouri company is a leader in manufacturing cutting-edge expanded polystyrene products. Expanded polystyrene is a lightweight, rigid material that people often mistakenly refer to as Styrofoam, a similar product’s trademarked name.

This Missouri company is able to produce huge blocks of the material, which can be used for refrigeration, boat construction, insulation and packaging. It’s also been used as a fill material on transportation projects. This company’s success earned it a Fast Track Award in 2014, a recognition that placed it among Missouri’s fastest-growing companies.


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