American Railcar Industries lays the tracks to success

AndreaAmerican Railcar Industries started out as Milton Car Works in February of 1864 in Milton Pennsylvania. The company began delivering some of the world’s first railroad tank cars.  In the last five years, American Railcar has grown by leaps and bounds, landing them among the 2014 Missouri Chamber Fast Track Award winners.

American Railcar Industries Inc. has its headquarters in St. Charles on the grounds of American Car and Foundry’s original manufacturing center. American Railcar as it is today, was formed in 1994. Today the company is a supplier to the North American freight car market and designs and manufactures new railcars, railcar parts and operates a network of repair centers. But beyond the nuts and bolts of the operation are the people who make it run smoothly each year.

American Railcar CEO Jeff Hollister

American Railcar CEO Jeff Hollister

“I believe that it’s the people of ARI that make the difference,” says Jeff Hollister, CEO of American Railcar.  “All of our employees are committed to make ARI what it is today. “

American Railcar over the years has developed a state of the art operation that produces a wide selection of freight and tank cars. Hollister feels that the mix of new and old works well for his company and the employees that keep it running.

“We have a mix of seasoned veterans, both at the individual plants and corporate office, blended in with a group of new and up-and-coming employees that work together for the good of ARI,” Hollister says.  “We try to make working at ARI fun, but with a dedicated approach that every person has a key job to do in order for ARI to be successful.”

American Railcar hopes to grow even more and is proud of their achievements in the last five years.

“This award is very gratifying as it represents and rewards the employees of ARI for their hard work over the last three years,” Hollister says.  “ARI is on pace to have their third record year of growth and earnings.  We are proud to be a US-based company that has the ability to manufacture and grow within this country.  The future looks bright for American Railcar, and we are honored to receive this award.”

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