Man in the Arena — New speaker Rep. John Diehl will keep his focus on attracting quality jobs

Jacob2Missouri’s next House speaker is a man who already has a strong voice for growing jobs and expanding our state’s economy.

Rep. John Diehl, a Republican from Town and Country, has served in the House since 2008. Although he’s had a hand in several pro-jobs measures during that time, he is especially proud of the income tax reduction passed during the 2014 session.

“I have been extremely blessed to work with colleagues in the legislature who understand the importance of keeping the tax burden low and reducing the amount of bureaucratic red tape so that businesses can flourish,” Diehl says. “By working together, we were able to approve the first income tax cut in nearly a century for Missouri families and job creators. This historic tax cut is the legislature’s investment in the people of Missouri, who are far better decision makers than government bureaucrats when it comes to how to spend their hard-earned dollars.”

Diehl1In 2015, as he becomes the leader of the House, Diehl expects to continue focusing on legislation that would make Missouri a better place for business growth.

“The keys to true prosperity for the people of Missouri are a healthy, vibrant economy and a business climate that encourages employers to grow and expand here in the Show-Me State,” Diehl says. “By giving our job creators the level playing field they need to succeed and grow, we create the kinds of family-supporting jobs that Missourians need. The ripple effect from creating these quality jobs results in an improved quality of life for Missouri citizens in the form of higher wages, better access to health care, and expanded job skill training opportunities.”

Away from the capitol, Diehl is a partner at Husch Blackwell, and he has been practicing law since 1991.

Prior to being elected, Diehl served as chairman of the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners. He has also been an Alderman for the city of Town and Country.

Looking ahead, Diehl says his primary goal is to continue to foster an economic environment that makes it clear Missouri is open for business. He also wants to make sure the state is seen as a low tax environment and is free from overly-burdensome regulations.

“We have taken many strong steps in recent years to build this environment, but we will continue to work hard during my time as Speaker to give Missouri families and businesses even more opportunities to succeed and grow,” he said.

During his time in the legislature, Diehl says the Missouri Chamber has been a strong voice for helping business.

The Chamber has been a highly respected voice of reason when it comes to the issues that matter most to Missouri employers,” he says. “By working with legislators, the Chamber has been able to impact change in a positive way that has resulted in a stronger, more vibrant economy, and more Missourians being employed in good, paying jobs.”

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