STEM educators honored for excellence in the classroom

Ten Missouri educators who are using innovative techniques to teach and inspire students about science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields were recently recognized by the Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition (MMSC) and the Monsanto Company.

Through this program, the MMSC, an affiliate of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recognized innovation by K-12 educators.  Each award winner received a $2,000 award at the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on November 20, 2014. The awards can be used by the educators to support their STEM teaching efforts.

“Teachers deserve to be celebrated – especially those that are committed to innovation in teaching and learning,” said Deborah Patterson, president of the Monsanto Fund. “These are the memorable teachers, the ones that inspire and encourage our young people to pursue STEM careers.”

The award winners were selected from a pool of applicants received by the MMSC.  Below are the award-winning educators:

  • Cana Conrow
  • Garrett Lowder
  • Tracie Summerville
  • Pattie Balano
  • Connie Shoemaker
  • Melanie Utterback
  • Clifford Amen
  • Daniel Barton
  • Brett Kisker
  • Mark McAllister

“Whenever we can recognize and honor educators for innovative practices in the classroom we need to do so,” said Brian Crouse, Vice President of Education at the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  “STEM educators are some of the most creative and innovative professionals that we have in the state and they dedicate themselves to guiding our future generation of thinkers, scientists, engineers, doctors, astronauts and inventors.”

Details on the award program can be found on the Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition website.

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