Honoring the 100 Percent Club

During each legislative session, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry closely tracks votes to determine which lawmakers are the stateís strongest supporters of pro-jobs legislation.

This year, 18 lawmakers earned perfect scores for their flawless support of economic growth and quality jobs for Missourians. These lawmakers were honored during the Missouri Chamberís Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on November 20.

Lawmakers who earned a 100-percent rating in 2014 include:

  • Rep. Mike Bernskoetter
  • Rep. Charlie Davis
  • Sen. Tom Dempsey
  • Rep. Denny Hoskins
  • Rep. Jay Houghton
  • Sen. Mike Kehoe
  • Rep. Mike Lair
  • Rep. Bill Lant
  • Rep. Steve Lynch
  • Sen. Brian Munzlinger
  • Sen. David Pearce
  • Rep. Don Phillips
  • Sen. Ron Richard
  • Sen. Gary Romine
  • Rep. Noel Shull
  • Rep. Kathy Swan
  • Rep. Nate Walker
  • Sen. Wayne Wallingford.

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