Legislation with civics test requirement for graduation gets hearing in the House

Missouri Chamber

In January a group of bipartisan lawmakers in the House and Senate offered up a proposal that would make a civics test a requirement for high school graduation.

HB 574, Sponsored by Elijah Haahr (R- Springfield), HB 578 sponsored by Rep. Kathy Swan (R-Cape Girardeau), and HB 584 sponsored by Rep. Jeremy LaFaver (D-Kansas City) were heard in the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee on February 9.

The bills, which are nearly identical, would establish the “Missouri Civics Education Initiative” and would require every high school student to pass a United States Citizenship Civics test prior to receiving a diploma.  Students would need to score sixty percent or higher to pass the test. Students would be given as many chances to take the test as they need to pass. This is the same test given to immigrants in order to become U.S. citizens.

Sens. Ryan Silvey (R-Kansas City), Jeannie Riddle…

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