Uncle Ray’s has big plans for Montgomery City, where it is planning to invest more than $13 million and create 110 new full-time jobs over the next few years.

Detroit-based Uncle Ray’s is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the H.T. Hackney Co., one of the largest wholesale distributors in the United States.

The company intends to make improvements to the vacated Tyson Foods building in Montgomery City it purchased to accommodate receiving raw potatoes and producing and shipping finished products.

“We are happy to close on this property in Montgomery County, and we look forward to becoming part of that community,” Bill Sansom, Chairman and CEO of H.T. Hackney Co., stated in a news release by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. “We do a considerable amount of business in Missouri and look forward to growing our presence there. We have not determined a start time on our new facility, but now that we own the property, we will proceed with our final plans for our potato chip plant.”


  • Elizabeth Miller

    When will uncle rays start hiring for the montgomery city missouri plant?

  • Would like to know when you are going to start hiring l love in Montgomery and would like the opportunity to work their

    • I would like to no when you all are going to do your hiring in the Montgomery city mo facility, I just live a mile from there. So could you please let me no thank you…

      • We haven’t seen any updates about when they will begin accepting applications. We will let you know if we hear something. Otherwise, make sure to keep checking your local paper. Good luck!

      • Im still interested in working at uncle rays potato chip facility. I just live 4 blocks away from it. Please let me know when that will start taking application. Thank You

      • Gwen Lincoln-See

        I’m so excited that uncle rays potato chip is coming to are area. I really need a job so I can’t wait. I hope I can get a job working for you people I’m a great worker and I only live 4 blocks

  • I am interested at working at the Montgomery City location. What kind of wage and benefit package do you have.
    I am a good employee about 1 mile from the Montgomery city plant I can work any full time shift I have experience from working at tyson foods and walmart. Thanks my number is 5738360653.Aaron S Millam.

  • When will this company start hiring?

  • Very interested in this company for employment? Does anyone know when this company will be hiring?

  • Can anyone give any information if this company will be hiring soon?

  • I see the other comments, everyone is wanting to know when the Uncle Ray’s potato chip factory will be accepting applications. The last time I seen someone asking this question was back in September 2015. Has anyone heard anything at all about when they are going to start taking applications?

  • I would like to know about when you will be hiring. I’m interested in a job. Thank you.

  • got 4 workers ready to sign up. let us know. experienced in manufacturing both, products and foods

  • does anyone know when they are going to start taking applications

  • its 2017 is anything going to happen with this or no?

  • It’s been a few years…

  • Gwen Lincoln-See

    I’m still very interested in a job at uncle rays potato chip factory coming to Montgomery City Missouri I’m only 4 blocks away can’t wait to here when you all are going to hirer thanks Gwen See

  • Still interested in this ..has anyone heard any news?

  • When will you start taking applications?

  • Still waiting for uncle rays can’t wait to feel the application out so I can get a job there I only live 4 blocks from you guys yay I’m still waiting thanks Gwen See

  • Can’t wait to here when you all are going to hire wish I knew I’m only 4 blocks from it please let me no when your going to take applications please and thank you

  • I see that the sign is up on the building now, I too am looking for work, only 30 min away, when are the hiring starting?

  • Any updates on when you will be hiring? Im still very interested in working for this company.

  • Donald stauffacher

    Where do you get your application for it looking for shage driving job

  • I’m so excited, I can’t wait to put in a application to get a job here at uncle rays just 4 blocks from where I live yay, I need a job really bad thanks Gwen See

  • Can’t wait to fill out a application for the uncle rays chip factory coming to my town Montgomery City Mo yay please let me no when I can get a application

    • I’m still very interested in working for you guys, I can’t wait till you all finally get here so I can put in a application YAY IM SO EXCITED that you all have chosen the Montgomery City area I can’t wait I’m only a few blocks away YAY!!!👍

  • YAY I HEAR UNCLE RAYS will be possibly opening in the next few months here in Montgomery City Mo I can’t wait to fill out a application I’m so excited I’ve been waiting every sense I heard they was coming here 👏can’t wait

  • Please let me no when you all be excepting applications! I really want to work for this company! I worked there when it was Tyson and I loved working there! Please let me no when you are excepting applications thank you so much!

  • Still waiting on Uncle Rays Potatoe Chip Factory to get here in Montgomery City Mo! I can’t wait to put in my application Yay so happy you all are coming to are area! Thank you Gwen See

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