Governor Nixon’s veto gives municipalities the power to override state laws and create a patchwork of job-killing mandates

Missouri Chamber

One day after taking control away from municipal governments through a law that limits the amount of fines local communities can levy, Gov. Nixon gives local municipalities the power to override state laws governing Missouri workplaces, ironically citing the importance of local control as his reason for vetoing House Bill 722.

“Out-of-state activist groups who have been unsuccessful in eroding Missouri’s workplace laws in the Missouri Legislature have successfully applied pressure on local Missouri municipalities to take up their causes,” said Dan Mehan, Missouri Chamber president and CEO. “Missouri has seen a growing, disturbing trend of cities implementing their own employment laws.”

Proposals across the state would increase the minimum wage, mandate sick leave and make it harder for employers to perform criminal background checks during the hiring process. There are also efforts to ban plastic shopping bags.

“For Missouri employers, this is a troubling situation,” Mehan said. “Regardless of…

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