Legislative Freshmen of the Year

legis freshman of the year

Representative Dan Shaul

Few first-year lawmakers can claim the level of success achieved by Representative Dan Shaul in 2015.

113 Dan Shaul (R)Shaul, of Imperial, showed uncommon leadership when his House Bill 722 was amended to contain important language to stop municipality-driven workplace regulations. He quickly became a key figure in a fierce debate in the General Assembly.

After his bill was vetoed by the governor, Shaul, who is the state director of the Missouri Grocers Association, helped rally a successful override vote, passing his bill into law.

In his work on House Bill 722, Shaul showed mastery of a complex subject area and a willingness to take charge of a controversial, but positive issue when asked to do so.

On another important matter, Shaul also stood with the business community in support of right-to-work during a crucial vote on the House floor. With right-to-work remaining an important legislative goal for Missouri businesses, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry will look to Shaul to continue to make his voice heard in support of this issue.

Senator Bob Onder

Senator Bob Onder quickly became an important pro-business voice during his first session in the Missouri Senate.

Onder-official-2015As a physician and small businessman from Lake Saint Louis, Onder understands why advocating for job growth and business expansion is important for the future of Missouri.

During the 2016 legislative session, Onder took a courageous stand in support of right-to-work protections for Missouri employees. With right-to-work failing to overcome the governor’s veto, the Missouri business community will continue looking to Onder for leadership on this important issue during future sessions.

Onder also shared a bold vision for the future of education in Missouri. In Senate Bill 251, Onder proposed to greatly expand Missouri students’ access to virtual coursework, ensuring students have access to great educational options no matter where they live. The Missouri Chamber supports this vision and will work with Onder to advocate for his bill in 2016.

Sen. Onder’s successful first session was recognized by his colleagues who elected him to become Assistant Majority Floor Leader in the Senate.

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