Moneta Group’s client-first culture attracts new business

Jacob2Companies often have to evolve before reaching their full potential. For Moneta Group, evolution has been constant during its nearly 140-year existence.

Founded in 1869 as an insurance business, today’s Moneta Group is a client-centered financial services company managing more than $14 billion. Over the last three years, company revenues have increased by nearly 50 percent.

Principal, Chairman, and Managing Partner Tom O’Meara said Moneta Group isn’t trying to grow for growth’s sake. Rather, company leaders see getting bigger as the best way to continue providing the level of client service for which Moneta is known.

“We need to grow and promote from within to stay independent,” O’Meara says. “We don’t want to become part of a big New York investment company.”

Company leaders say Moneta Group is unique due to the company’s culture of passionate workers and its effort to put clients first. The company works only on a fee basis and does not collect commission on earnings.

“We want to be able to help people take all of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make up their financial lives and put them together in a picture that makes sense to them,” O’Meara said.

The company’s nearly 300 employees take this mission to heart. A recent employee survey showed that 86 percent of Moneta Group staff members say they enjoy working there because they can make a positive impact in their client’s lives.

“It isn’t easy to get a job at Moneta group,” he says. “Folks who work here are very passionate about what they do.”

O’Meara attributes Moneta Group’s recent growth to a bold succession planning effort aimed at sustaining the company while developing career paths for employees, including the addition of new partners. That succession plan creates growth organically—with new partners come new clients.

The company also benefits from a highly effective marketing tactic—word of mouth from clients. O’Meara said one of the company’s core values is to turn clients into “raving fans,” who tell others about their positive experiences.

“Our clients are the best sales people we have,” O’Meara says.

The Clayton-based Moneta Group’s  Missouri location is seen as an asset, particularly as the company expands into the global marketplace.

“We are hardworking people with Midwestern values who want to live our lives with a purpose,” O’Meara says. “I see us continuing to evolve and grow, in part because we have the advantage of being a Missouri company.”

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