The Spirit of Enterprise

spirit of enterpriseThe Spirit of Enterprise Award was established in 1990 to recognize legislators who have consistently shown efforts to protect the free enterprise system in Missouri. Our 2015 Spirit of Enterprise Award winners join a prestigious list of Missouri lawmakers whose legislative efforts have helped make Missouri a better place to work and live.

Senator Ron Richard

Ron Richard 2015Senator Ron Richard has been a lead advocate for business legislation, passing bills out of the Senate to bring much needed tort reform to Missouri, and using his leadership to help negotiate a compromise deal on medical malpractice caps. Richard was also instrumental in getting right-to-work legislation to the governor’s desk for the first time in Missouri history. Richard previously served as Speaker of the House of Representatives from 2009-2011, and has recently been elected President Pro Tem of the Senate after serving as majority floor leader. A Republican from Joplin, Richard has served in the Missouri Legislature since 2002, served as mayor of Joplin from 1994-1997, and works with C&N Bowl Corporation in Joplin.

Representative Kevin Austin

136 Kevin Austin (R)As newly elected assistant majority floor leader in the House of Representatives, Representative Kevin Austin has quickly made an impact since his election in 2012. Austin was a lead sponsor of employment law legislation and championed data center legislation that was finally passed and signed by the governor in 2015, bringing more data centers and high paying jobs to Missouri. A native of Springfield, Austin practices law as a member of Keck & Austin, LLC, focusing on business counseling and litigation, and insurance defense.

Representative Scott Fitzpatrick

158 Scott Fitzpatrick (R)Representative Scott Fitzpatrick is a rising leader in the Missouri House of Representatives. Recently, Richardson sponsored unemployment insurance legislation that was Truly Agreed and Finally Passed by the legislature in 2015. He was named vice chairman of the House Appropriations committee and has been a tireless leader in reforming the UI system and furthering the mission of Missouri businesses. A University of Missouri graduate from Shell Knob, Fitzpatrick was elected to his first term in the House of Representatives in 2012 and is a member of the Cassville, Shell Knob, and Monett chambers of commerce.

Representative Caleb Rowden

044 Caleb Rowden (R)As Chairman of the House Economic Development Committee, Representative Caleb Rowden worked to pass legislation through the House that would make Missouri more business-friendly. His work in the committee included sponsoring legislation that would bring uniform workplace standards to Missouri. Rowden has consistently worked alongside the Missouri Chamber and is one of our business community’s top supporters in the General Assembly. First elected to the House in 2012, Rowden is also owner of Clarius Interactive, a media and marketing company.

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