Missouri’s waste industry works almost like magic

DanIt’s one of our greatest luxuries, but also one we take completely for granted—the ability to toss trash into a can and have it disappear forever.

It’s like magic.

Just imagine what life and business would be like if each of us was personally responsible for handling the waste we produce. The pen you tossed away when it ran dry, where would it go? Last month’s report you recycled might still be on your desk. And just imagine the mounds of spent coffee grounds our companies produce each day. We’d be buried in coffee grounds.

Dealing with all of this would be a massive drain on productivity. Thankfully, it’s only a ridiculous scenario. In reality, anything we no longer need can be dropped in a can and, for a very reasonable fee, disappears from your life forever.

But, of course, it doesn’t actually disappear. It’s all part of an amazing, high-tech illusion that’s been perfected by Missouri’s waste management industry.

Republic Services is one of the national leaders in the industry. The company has built a reputation in many Missouri communities for outstanding customer service and forward-thinking collection and disposal practices.

Republic’s St. Louis recycling center is one of the most advanced recycling facilities ever built. The company has displayed a commitment to growing and investing in Missouri even while spending hundreds of millions of dollars to mitigate a potential disaster here it didn’t create. Read more about Republic in our profile on page.

As we know all too well in Missouri, disasters like floods and tornados create enormous amounts of waste that must be cleaned up. Often, these situations involve toxic waste that requires special care in disposal.

Missouri-based Environmental Restoration travels the nation to clean up some of biggest, most dangerous messes. Click here to read more about their work.

In addition, companies like Ripple Glass have an environmental-oriented mission to turn trash into something valuable. Click here to read about Ripple Glass.

Yet, while Missouri’s private waste industry provides an indisposable amenity, the industry is much more than simple public service. These are businesses that create jobs, compete for growth, utilize technology in innovative ways and strive to solve important problems.

I hope this issue brings to light an often-hidden industry. I also hope that it helps change perceptions about the companies and workers who serve in the waste industry.

I’m always up for a little trash talk—or anything else you’d like to discuss. So if there is something the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry can do to help your business grow, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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