An open letter to our new governor

DanThe headquarters of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry sits on the eastern end of Jefferson City’s capitol district.

From our vantage point, state office towers and the Capitol dome form the western horizon. The governor’s mansion and some incredible public gardens are just a short walk away, near the historic train depot and our vibrant downtown.

This is a wonderful place to live and work. I think you’re going to like it here, Governor-elect Eric Greitens.

This city will be new to you, a political newcomer. The formal trappings that come with being governor will likely feel foreign as well.

After all, you are a Navy SEAL, not a politician. You are a small-business person, not a state bureaucrat. You’ve never looked to others to solve problems. With The Mission Continues and your service to veterans, you’ve shown you can fix complex issues on your own.

And that’s why we chose you.

I’m proud to say that the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry was among your earliest supporters. In you, we saw a uniquely qualified leader with a small-business mind-set and an unparalleled résumé. We saw someone who could serve as an inspirational, uniting governor unlike any in memory.

Missouri voters agreed. Now, as we begin our work, those votes will be rewarded.

We expect you to act quickly on some of the biggest problems facing our state and to clear some long-standing roadblocks that have been impeding our growth. Bringing right-to-work protections to Missouri and ensuring our state courts are fair to all parties are just a couple of the first steps we’ve discussed.

We also expect you to bring the energy needed to address problems in our state’s transportation infrastructure as well as ensure we are doing everything possible to prepare our Missouri students for the workforce.

None of this is a surprise to you – it’s all part of our Missouri 2030 plan, which you, from day one, have studied and pledged to help fulfill.

I can tell you that from our office on Capitol Avenue, the political landscape you will inherit looks primed for transformational change in 2017. The tools and support you need to enact your agenda will be here waiting for you.

I’d like to congratulate you on getting this job. I’d also like to thank you for taking on the challenging task at hand.

But know you won’t be alone. The Missouri Chamber, and by proxy state’s business community, are right down the street ready to help.

 Welcome to our neighborhood.

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