Time Traveler revealed

The new rollercoaster at Silver Dollar City will take riders for a spin of historical proportions.

When the park’s Time Traveler coaster opens this coming spring, it will be the world’s fastest, steepest and tallest complete-circuit spinning rollercoaster. The ride is a $26 million investment for the park, its biggest ever project.

The ride was revealed during a ceremony on August 16 that was live streamed on Facebook to viewers around the world. During the presentation, Brad Thomas, president of Silver Dollar City Attractions, said that Time Traveler is a forward-looking project to position the park—and the community—for the future.

“We love our past. We Love Branson’s past,” Thomas said. “But we are so incredibly excited about the future of this community and we are incredibly excited about the future of Ozark Mountain country. We believe there are more reasons for people to visit Branson today than ever in the past.”

First Launch POV

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