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Grater ambitions: 1936 initiative paved the whey for better cheese

Missouri is nacho ordinary state when it comes to the cheese industry. From the existence of the massive Springfield underground warehouse serving as dairy storage for Kraft, to the use of Provel that makes St. Louis-style pizza a unique signature dish, there are many interesting facts about cheese in our state. Here’s another bit of trivia that dates back more

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Making a Splash: City purchase of Excelsior Springs in 1935 led to construction of historic Hall of Waters

Prior to September 1935, the wells and springs at Excelsior Springs in western Missouri were privately owned and operated. That changed when a nearly $1 million federal Public Works Administration loan and grant enabled the City of Excelsior Springs to purchase the natural resources. A year later, the city had begun construction for the Hall of Waters — an impressive

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Preserving an Autumn Tradition

In keeping with this issue’s food theme, what caught my eye from our magazine archives was a story from October 1936. This article detailed the harvesting and processing of sorghum cane into what was nicknamed “long sweetening” — a sugary, amber-colored syrup. Though the author of the article also often referred to it as “molasses,” sorghum syrup is not like

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When we built the Lake of the Ozarks

It is the year 1931, and the Union Electric Co. has just completed the construction of the massive Bagnell Dam on the Osage River. “It stands as a monument to the courage and vision of men, an awe-inspiring engineering triumph, impressive and majestic through its 2543 feet of length,” the June 1931 issue of our magazine marveled. Union Electric, now

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