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A Top Agriculture Commodity: Data

For decades, companies have been collecting data to improve their brand and connect better with consumers. Computers and the internet have blazed a trail for what is being called “the Digital Age” or “Information Age.” Humanity’s ability to collect and store data continues to expand exponentially. The consumer’s desire and competitive advantage’s reliance on new information both advance this data

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The Transformational Impact of Missouri’s Millennials

Hollywood and popular culture have created the myth of the college-aged entrepreneur with movies like The Social Network and the buzz around young, successful CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg. As usual, Hollywood’s representation is inaccurate and Zuckerberg is an outlier in a group more likely to be in their forties than in a college dorm. First Round Capital’s annual survey, The

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Re-engage Your Workplace

Business owners often express difficulty finding qualified employees. This struggle makes sense considering the near-record low unemployment rates (3.7 percent in Missouri at the time of this writing). Maybe this is a struggle you can relate to. If you don’t have the ability to expand your team, growth is impeded if not halted altogether. Is there any option to manage

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Missouri Stage 2 companies see benefit from economic gardening engagement

You know more about your company than anyone else. But like most CEOs, you could probably use some help when it comes to making decisions about new markets, generating sales leads or deriving more value from your website. Economic Gardening helps existing businesses grow larger by providing customized information to address strategic issues. Two Missouri companies to complete the Economic

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