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Beyond the coffeepot: Snacks are a sweet perk for a happier workplace

Searching for an inexpensive, exciting perk to add to your employee incentive package? Look no further than one of everybody’s favorite things: food. Food is a surprisingly effective and fairly low-cost benefit that gives employers a lot of bang for their buck when it comes to making employees happier. However, this incentive is underutilized by businesses. One survey revealed that

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PTO: Better or worse?

Traditionally, most companies have offered a paid leave package to employees that differentiates between vacation, personal and sick days. However, combining all categories into a single paid time off (PTO) bank is a growing trend. A PTO model increases employee flexibility and has the potential to boost morale and productivity. And with 70 percent of employees ranking flexible work hours

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People with disabilities make up a valuable, untapped workforce

After years of sustained economic growth, unemployment is now reaching near rock-bottom levels. In Missouri, unemployment is approximately 4 percent. This is something we should celebrate. We want to have abundant jobs and opportunity for workers. However, we also need to recognize that today’s economic opportunities are not equally shared among all workers. One area of concern is that the

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