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Missouri HR Day — Celebrate this year and recognize our HR organizations and professionals

On May 2, human resource professionals and businesses across the State will celebrate Missouri HR Day. Missouri HR Day is about reflecting and celebrating the accomplishments of the individuals or groups involved in the human resources profession. The idea for a day of celebration was conceived by the Missouri State Council of SHRM, an affiliate of the Society for Human

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Make sure you know the intricacies of the unemployment claim process

As a member of the Labor Commission, I’ve noticed that employers are losing many unemployment claims that they should win, likely because some employers simply do not understand the unemployment system. Because employers pay for unemployment insurance, education about the issue is important. Picking your fights You can’t contest every claim, so choose your battles wisely. Fight claims if you

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Mind your social media manners

There is a new buzzword in the HR world: Facebook firing. These firings, where employees are terminated for posting objectionable content on social media, are increasingly common. However, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has determined in some instances that some postings are protected, which can result in a reversal of the firing under the National Labor Relations Act: The employer

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