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Missouri Supreme Court case highlights the need for venue and joinder reform

On Sept. 12 the Missouri Supreme Court, in a decision written by Judge Brent Powell, ruled against Abbott Laboratories and upheld nearly $40 million in damages to a Minnesota plaintiff in a case tried in the City of St. Louis. Very brief background: The case, involving Minnesota plaintiff Maddison Schmidt, alleged product liability injuries from the drug Depakote, manufactured and

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Due Process Protects Businesses From Forum-Shopping Trial Attorneys

Trial lawyers who make their money suing businesses often decide to file lawsuits in states with a political or judicial atmosphere hostile to business, a practice called “forum shopping.” Forum-shopping trial lawyers often file lawsuits in states that have nothing to do with the parties or the situation underlying the lawsuit. This practice raises an important constitutional issue: personal jurisdiction.

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Legal reform update: Bad news comes in threes

In one day in late June, three blows dealt a serious setback to Missouri’s progress toward reforming our state’s legal climate. First, Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed two bills that constituted the core of the General Assembly’s efforts to help Missouri emerge from its rankings among the least friendly legal climates for business. Senate Bill 591, sponsored by Sen. Mike Parson, a

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Justice and Jobs — Missouri Courts Need a Higher Standard

There are places in this world where one wants, and expects, adherence to the highest standards. From hospitals to restaurant kitchens, from banks to our children’s schools – we have the highest expectations of these institutions. Let us add to that list, the courtroom. In the place where justice is supposed to be served, we set the bar high. Unfortunately,

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Businesses need to prepare for 2016 health insurance changes

Ever since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law five years ago, the federal legislation has brought annual changes that require businesses to adjust their practices. The slow rollout continues in 2016 with several new provisions that Missouri businesses need to consider. While the 2016 changes are easy to summarize, the complexities of the law mean it is impossible

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