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Agriculture is our legacy — and our future

Missouri is a lot of things. We are a manufacturing powerhouse. We are a leader in health care. We have one of the fastest growing high-tech economies. Oh, and we’re also home to the Stanley Cup. And although we are all those things, we are also something else that we often take for granted. Missouri is mostly a giant farm.

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Our brush with a tornado

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the tornado that struck Jefferson City on May 22. The storm’s path took it straight through the heart of the city. As it entered town, the tornado demolished part of the Riley Auto Group’s dealership campus. From there it proceeded northeast through businesses, homes and apartments before crashing through the city’s downtown historic

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Let’s show them: Charting our own path with “Yes” on Proposition D

I’ve been thinking about our state slogan. For more than a century, Missouri has been the Show-Me State. That stands as one of the more unique state slogans and has been widely adopted and adapted across Missouri. While outsiders are often mystified by it, Missourians know that being the Show-Me State is meant as praise of our healthy skepticism. It

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Our view: An explosive issue

On behalf of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I would like to wish you a happy Independence Day. As a state that’s long been a mecca for barbeque and fireworks — the mainstays of this holiday — it’s safe to say that no place celebrates the Fourth of July better than Missouri. There is something special about fireworks

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Blow out the candles

Happy 95th anniversary! The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded on April 6, 1923. To celebrate our anniversary, our staff in Jefferson City threw a small party on April 6. We ate the cake pictured on the cover of this magazine. In truth, we could have used a much bigger cake. That’s because this anniversary is dedicated to

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Transportation is worth the investment

On the topic of Missouri’s transportation system, it’s easy to be a pessimist. Over the decades, our state’s hilly geography and numerous rivers led to the construction of thousands of bridges. Today, 860 of them are in poor condition. Our primary artery, Interstate 70, is crowded and expected to become even more congested in the coming years. Road fatalities climbed

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