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A Season to Remember

It’s late August as I write this, and something incredible is happening in the baseball standings. In the American League, the Kansas City Royals have the top record and are running away in their division. Just down I-70, the St. Louis Cardinals have the most wins in all of baseball, as they compete in a tight divisional race. With the

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Looking Under the Surface

In Missouri, there’s a lot more happening under the surface than you might imagine. This issue of Missouri Business explores that idea quite literally. Mining has played a huge role in the development of our state. Even today, Missouri continues to be home to one of the world’s largest lead mining districts, producing some of the highest-quality lead on earth.

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Honoring Missouri’s finest during our 2014 Annual Meeting

We at the Missouri Chamber recently had an opportunity to celebrate some of our state’s finest. During our Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet, which was held on November 20 in St. Louis, we were thrilled to bring together Missouri’s leading businesses, our fastest growing companies, and our forward-thinking political leaders. It was exciting to congratulate these companies and individuals—the finest

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Building a better workplace

In today’s fast-moving, globally competitive economy, having the top employees can be the difference between getting ahead and falling behind. So, the billion-dollar question is, “How do you attract the best workers to your business?” There are a lot of opinions out there. For starters, you have to pay them well. You also have to offer good benefits. But those

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Our moment in the spotlight

October 3 will go down as a significant date in our state’s film history. On that day, two major movies set in Missouri will open nationwide. Gone Girl takes place in the fictional Missouri river town of North Carthage. Starring Ben Affleck, the movie tells the story of a man searching for his missing wife and then becoming a suspect

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Celebrating the spirit of summer

There’s something magical about the summer that takes us back to our younger days. For me, being outside on a humid Missouri summer day reminds me of growing up in St. Louis. Those days, the break from school meant getting to play outside, participate in sports and hang out with friends. However, during my teenage years, those summer days were

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