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River Port Renaissance

Lewis County was born from the Mississippi River. In the 1830s, villages began to emerge along the county’s 23 miles of shoreline. The region grew as river towns, such as Canton, became destinations for trade and ferry crossings. But today, the steamboat boom is long gone. Even the last local river ferry closed last year. With a diminished economic connection

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The Rich Riverbanks of Eminence

One of Missouri’s greatest treasures is the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the largest national park and protected river system in the United States. Eminence is home to the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers. The town hosts close to 400,000 visitors a year, making tourism one of the top two economic drivers for the area. Timber is the only other industry

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Missouri is central to the nation’s barge shipping economy

Semi trucks are ubiquitous. Freight trains are common. But for most Missourians, barge sightings are rare. While we may not always see them, barges are an important part of the nation’s inland transportation system. If current trends continue, Missouri can expect more barge traffic in the future. When commodities are loaded on barges in Missouri, they travel the inland waterway

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