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Powered up: Grid overhaul provides a boost to businesses across Missouri

Legislation passed in 2018 promised to modernize Missouri’s electrical grid. Today, that’s becoming a reality as our state is undergoing its biggest across-the-board power system upgrade. The work is massive in scale and amounts to more than a billion dollars in investment each year for Missouri. Yet, for most consumers, the changes happening so far are largely invisible — even

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Venture Capital Checkup: Young companies illustrate improving entrepreneurship climate

Weight, blood pressure, wellness questions — a visit to the doctor’s office today generates a lot of data. Although this provides crucial insight into a patient’s well-being, it’s only a snapshot. Relying on this episodic information alone can leave caregivers blind to daily changes or concerning trends that develop between visits. Blake Marggraff wants to fill in those blanks. The

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Fintech in Missouri: Finance institutions increased tech workforce 19 percent in past five years

Along with research released in the Missouri Chamber Foundation’s Technology 2030 report earlier this year, Economic Leadership LLC conducted a spinoff study focused on Missouri’s financial tech industry (fintech). As explored in Technology 2030, the technology sector offers great economic opportunity for Missouri, a state that remains a low-cost location compared to coastal cities. Technology work in the financial sector

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The win-win of virtualization

Every business owner, large and small, knows that time is money. Every business owner also knows that updating and maintaining IT systems can be a drain on time — and money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Recent technological developments have made it easier than ever for companies to conduct critical system maintenance while operating in business-as-usual mode.

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A River Runs Through IT

Just try to imagine running a business without your data systems being up — no email, no online sales transactions, no way to process orders or payments. How long could you stay afloat without those resources? For most modern companies, the answer is not long. One St. Louis-area company faced this dire scenario on New Year’s Eve 2015 as Meramec

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