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The win-win of virtualization

Every business owner, large and small, knows that time is money. Every business owner also knows that updating and maintaining IT systems can be a drain on time — and money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Recent technological developments have made it easier than ever for companies to conduct critical system maintenance while operating in business-as-usual mode.

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A River Runs Through IT

Just try to imagine running a business without your data systems being up — no email, no online sales transactions, no way to process orders or payments. How long could you stay afloat without those resources? For most modern companies, the answer is not long. One St. Louis-area company faced this dire scenario on New Year’s Eve 2015 as Meramec

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Wendy’s data breach is a wake-up call

With data security, everything old is new again. That’s a key takeaway from the recent news of a malware-driven credit card breach at more than 1,000 Wendy’s fast-food restaurants, a situation that offers a roadmap for small and midsized companies seeking to improve cyber-preparedness. From what has been released about the attack, we understand that the Wendy’s breach was the

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Writing a comeback story: Tech-infused pens and pencils strive for relevance

The lead pencil was invented in 1564. The ballpoint patent dates back to 1888. Markers hit stores in 1953. Sixty years ago, with these three tools at our disposal, it seemed likely that we had humanity’s writing needs fully covered. But the digital revolution changed everything. Pens suddenly appeared outdated. Notes demanded to get out of our legal pads and

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