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Wendy’s data breach is a wake-up call

With data security, everything old is new again. That’s a key takeaway from the recent news of a malware-driven credit card breach at more than 1,000 Wendy’s fast-food restaurants, a situation that offers a roadmap for small and midsized companies seeking to improve cyber-preparedness. From what has been released about the attack, we understand that the Wendy’s breach was the

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Writing a comeback story: Tech-infused pens and pencils strive for relevance

The lead pencil was invented in 1564. The ballpoint patent dates back to 1888. Markers hit stores in 1953. Sixty years ago, with these three tools at our disposal, it seemed likely that we had humanity’s writing needs fully covered. But the digital revolution changed everything. Pens suddenly appeared outdated. Notes demanded to get out of our legal pads and

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Is Your Business Opening the Door to Cyber Attacks?

Confidence scams are as old as human history, but in the modern age, they increasingly involve technology. Cyber security professionals refer to these scams as social engineering attacks: using technology to take advantage of the natural human nature to trust. Most of us have seen spam and “phishing” e-mails. Phishing attacks are e-mails designed to get you to click on

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Tech shines as companies move to hire telecommuters

For a growing number of workers, going to work no longer requires leaving the house. Over the last decade, the number of telecommuting workers in the United States has grown by 103 percent, according to an analysis of U.S. Census data by Last year alone, telecommuting jobs grew by 6.5 percent. TechCast estimates that 30 percent of workers could

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Smart Office—Cutting-edge smart home technologies could soon be going to work

Smart home devices are some of the trendiest tech products today. These new devices take household mainstays—light bulbs, thermostats, smoke detectors, door locks—and give them an internet connection using wireless networking. In concept, this allows various devices in your home to talk to one another. Homeowners can also use their phones as remote controls, allowing them to adjust their settings

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It’s time to dump these common high-tech office tools

The floppy disc. Dial-up modems. The electronic typewriter. At one point in time, each of these was an essential tool for most businesses. But now, they’re all long gone—obsolete. As technology evolves and our workplaces change, once-useful tools can quickly gather dust. All companies look to make sure their tech budgets are wisely spent. Here are a few common devices

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