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Is your business card compatible with the digital age?

For hundreds of years, people have relied on a simple, paper tool for self-promotion—the business card. Regardless of where business cards originated, the practice of exchanging paper cards has had an incredible run. Without a doubt, paper business cards remain an important tool. However, here are some tips to help upgrade your business card to the digital age. Get a

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Conference Room 2.0—Technology can enhance meetings and foster collaboration

The conference room is a place for collaboration. It’s where brainstorming happens, where ideas are born, where decisions are made, and where sales are sealed with a handshake. With all of today’s communication tools, the conference room remains essential. It provides a setting for real-time conversation–a setting where body language, posture, and tone matter and where words are only part

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Beyond PowerPoint–Freshen up your presentations with these trendy alternatives

It’s a formula that office workers everywhere know by heart: when it’s time for a presentation, connect the laptop to the projector, dim the lights, and fire up PowerPoint. For more than two decades now, Microsoft PowerPoint has served as the indispensable tool for business speakers—and for good reason. PowerPoint is a reliable, full-featured program that’s available on practically every

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Apps revolutionize business trips and family vacations

Traveling to an unfamiliar destination for business or leisure can be intimidating. However, today’s smartphones offer a wide selection of apps to help travelers get around, eat well, and rest easy. New apps are regularly being released, unseating popular solutions from just a few years ago. If you haven’t surveyed the travel selection in your phone’s app store recently, here

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