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Capital infusion fertilizes expansion at Eolia-based American Botanicals

Goldenseal’s knotty, yellow root is highly prized as a natural remedy for everything from colds to pinkeye. It’s become so popular that consumer prices for top-grade goldenseal powder top $100 per pound. That demand is what drove Don Stock to the woods of Appalachia three years ago. The Missouri businessman had just purchased a small company that processes raw plant

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Technology revolutionizes the Burgers’ Smokehouse ham business

When E.M. Burger and his family cured 1,000 hams to sell in the fall of 1952, most of the neighboring Moniteau County farmers thought he was crazy. How would he ever find enough buyers for the country-cured ham? Turns out Burger’s neighbors were wrong. His biggest problem was keeping up with the demand for his salty delicacy. Imagine what those

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