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Let’s show them: Charting our own path with “Yes” on Proposition D

I’ve been thinking about our state slogan. For more than a century, Missouri has been the Show-Me State. That stands as one of the more unique state slogans and has been widely adopted and adapted across Missouri. While outsiders are often mystified by it, Missourians know that being the Show-Me State is meant as praise of our healthy skepticism. It

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Building momentum: Could Missouri follow North Carolina and Georgia?

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, construction on the Interstate 74 Northern Beltway is ramping up. Workers are moving dirt, laying asphalt, and building roads and bridges. When completed, the I-74 urban loop will link central North Carolina and Virginia with Winston-Salem. The project could double economic growth in the area, according to one study. By itself, the interstate construction will create

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Robo-inspectors: Missouri-based research brings new technology to bridge care

Robots work in our factories. Robots vacuum our floors. If Dr. Genda Chen’s work is successful, robots might soon help us inspect and maintain bridges too. Chen is leading a research effort at Missouri University of Science and Technology to see how new technology can streamline and improve bridge inspections and maintenance. He envisions a future when flying drones with

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By 2030, Uber says Missourians can look forward to more ride-sharing, less traffic

It’s the year 2030 and you live in Liberty, Missouri. You’re also lucky because you have tickets to that evening’s Kansas City Royals game. How will you get there? If this scenario happened today, you’d likely drive your gas-powered vehicle to the stadium and pay $15 to park in the massive lots there. But with the changes happening in transportation

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Transportation leaders seek to educate Missourians about funding

Most people know how much their cell phone plans cost. Likewise, the cable bill is far from a mystery. But how much are you paying each month to maintain and improve Missouri’s transportation infrastructure? For the average driver, it turns out that’s around $30. Patrick McKenna, director of the Missouri Department of Transportation, thinks it’s worth comparing that price to

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