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Missouri’s number of Work Ready certifications exceeds U.S. average

The Missouri Work Ready Communities initiative uses the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) to identify the number of qualified workers available in a given community and what skill level they have. This gives economic developers valuable data to market their workforce quality. The Missouri 2030 Dashboard shows that since 2015, Missouri has remained above the U.S. average for number

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Beyond the coffeepot: Snacks are a sweet perk for a happier workplace

Searching for an inexpensive, exciting perk to add to your employee incentive package? Look no further than one of everybody’s favorite things: food. Food is a surprisingly effective and fairly low-cost benefit that gives employers a lot of bang for their buck when it comes to making employees happier. However, this incentive is underutilized by businesses. One survey revealed that

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Treats with a twist: A tasty tradition is kept alive at Gus’ Pretzel Shop in St. Louis

The savory smell of fresh-baked goods wafts over customers the moment they open the door of Gus’ Pretzel Shop in St. Louis’ Benton Park neighborhood. As the patrons wait in line at the counter, they can watch the pretzel-making process through large glass windows that reveal the industrial kitchen. The shop is just two years shy of its 100th anniversary.

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Ice cream by the ton: A look inside Sikeston’s delicious dairy empire

Unilever’s ice cream factory is, quite literally, one of the coolest places in Sikeston. From foods to household goods to toiletries, Unilever produces more than 400 brands across 190 countries. The multinational corporation got its name when businesses Margarine Unie and Lever Brothers merged back in 1930. Today, the company says you can find at least one Unilever product in

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A crispy secret: Surging demand for rice cakes keeps Columbia factory popping

To get a taste of Columbia, visitors often flock downtown to grab a slice of pizza at Shakespeare’s or belly up to the bar for a Booches burger. But what many people may not know is that one of Columbia’s most trendy foods is actually a crunchy treat baked miles from downtown: rice cakes. Since the Columbia Quaker plant’s opening

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