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Transportation is worth the investment

On the topic of Missouri’s transportation system, it’s easy to be a pessimist. Over the decades, our state’s hilly geography and numerous rivers led to the construction of thousands of bridges. Today, 860 of them are in poor condition. Our primary artery, Interstate 70, is crowded and expected to become even more congested in the coming years. Road fatalities climbed

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An open letter to our new governor

The headquarters of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry sits on the eastern end of Jefferson City’s capitol district. From our vantage point, state office towers and the Capitol dome form the western horizon. The governor’s mansion and some incredible public gardens are just a short walk away, near the historic train depot and our vibrant downtown. This is

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Acquisitions reposition Spire Energy as a natural gas powerhouse

In recent years, Spire Energy has gone from being one of the smallest natural gas companies to one of the largest. But even as the St. Louis-based company has grown, one thing has been intentionally minimized: the concept of corporate elitism. “I do not believe in the word ‘headquarters,’” said CEO Suzanne Sitherwood. “That word implies that somebody is more

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After an employee is promoted, training is critical to success

Promoting frontline staff members into supervisory positions makes a lot of sense. It rewards employees who have mastered the skills of your business. In addition, when other workers see high performers move up in the organization, it motivates them. It’s also cheaper to hire from within than to advertise for new supervisors. However, first-time team leaders often lack the supervisory

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Let’s talk about the election

In this special issue, Missouri Business magazine reports on the 2016 election. These stories focus on the policies and positions that matter most to Missouri’s business community. A special thanks to all the business people who shared the quotes that are featured in this special section. Presidential election High contrast: Presidential policy matters to Missouri’s economic future Missouri governor election

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Coming soon: Our big election issue

An unconventional presidential race. A tight U.S. Senate contest. Five Missouri statewide elections with no incumbent candidates. With Election Day shaping up to be one for the history books, the next issue of Missouri Business magazine will explore the election from a unique angle — focusing on the business policy proposals and economic ideas put forth by each candidate. Don’t

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