Missouri Business Magazine is published by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce in Industry.

If you have a story idea, contact Jacob Luecke.JAN cover

To inquire about advertising, contact Andy Atzenweiler.

Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Missouri Business magazine


  • Dear Sir,
    Can you send me if possible 5 copies of your latest issue titled “Best Places to Work”. Thats my daughter on the cover! I will be glad to pay for them Thank You very kindly. Gary Turner. My address is 4200 Grand Ave. B19 Des Moines, Iowa 50312

  • Regina A. Johnson

    Dear Mr. Jacob Luecke,
    Can you send me if possible 10 copies of your November issue titled “ Honoring Leadership – November 2014 Issue“. Captain Ronald Johnson is my brother on the cover! My family, and I would be glad to pay for these issues.

    Regina A. Johnson
    11856 Hidden Lake Drive
    St. Louis, Mo 63138

    Regina A. Johnson

  • Hi Regina, I put the copies in the mail today. You should receive them soon! -Jacob

  • Gwen Lincoln-See

    Hope to see uncle rays potato chip factory open up soon can’t wait for it to get here in the Montgomery City Missouri area I live only 4 blocks from the place can’t wait for it ready to fill out a application yay thanks Gwen See

  • Is this organization still sponsoring a “Best Places to Work” program for Missouri? If so, how might I get information on participating?
    thank you!

    • Hi Nan, it has been a couple years since we offered that program. Unfortunately, we have no plans to bring it back this year. Thanks for your interest, though!

  • I would love to get several copies of the new magazine for the Lead the Way article about our school.

  • can you send us a copy at the Boys & Girls Clubs of St Charles Co., 1211 Lindenwood, St Charles MO 63304

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