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Grater ambitions: 1936 initiative paved the whey for better cheese

Missouri is nacho ordinary state when it comes to the cheese industry. From the existence of the massive Springfield underground warehouse serving as dairy storage for Kraft, to the use of Provel that makes St. Louis-style pizza a unique signature dish, there are many interesting facts about cheese in our state. Here’s another bit of trivia that dates back more

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A Top Agriculture Commodity: Data

For decades, companies have been collecting data to improve their brand and connect better with consumers. Computers and the internet have blazed a trail for what is being called “the Digital Age” or “Information Age.” Humanity’s ability to collect and store data continues to expand exponentially. The consumer’s desire and competitive advantage’s reliance on new information both advance this data

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Welcome to 39 North: Plant science companies bloom in St. Louis’ growing ag tech innovation district

When a farmer plants a cover crop in between the year’s two cash crops, it protects and enriches the soil, but that off-season crop typically doesn’t yield a profitable harvest itself. That’s where a plant such as CoverCress comes in. For six years, a team of scientists has been developing the new species based on the native pennycress plant. Not

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