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Real Estate Reimagined at Ozark Terminal

There is more to the industrial landscape of Neosho than meets the eye. That’s because a large piece of this southwestern Missouri community’s industrial real estate is out of sight—nearly 175 feet below the surface. Below a rocky hill covered with redbud and dogwood trees, Ozark Terminal Inc. provides more than 1.2 million feet of leasable space for manufacturing, distribution,

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Going Geothermal — Keeven Taps an Underground Resource to Lower Utility Bills

Highs in the 90s, humidity off the charts, air conditioner running full throttle— the Missouri summer is here. But did you know that below you—just a few feet underground—it’s a refreshing 57 degrees? The Keeven family in New Haven has built a growing business using pleasant underground temperatures to help cool and heat Missouri homes and businesses. “The first thing

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Powering Missouri

Missouri relies on its power generators and fuel producers for more than just energy. Read our special series about how the vital energy industry powers Missouri and our state’s economy. For generations, coal has been Missouri’s go-to energy source, and Peabody Energy, the global leader in coal production, continues to make its home in St. Louis. Coal continues to be

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Rep. Dave Hinson dishes on being a small business owner

State Representative Dave Hinson knows there are a lot of misconceptions about small business owners out there. “There’s this idea that if you own a business, you’re automatically rich,” Dave says. “That’s not true at all.” Dave Hinson and his wife, Heather, own two small businesses: Papa Murphy’s pizza in Washington and All Seasons Lawn and Garden in St. Clair.

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