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Looking Under the Surface

In Missouri, there’s a lot more happening under the surface than you might imagine. This issue of Missouri Business explores that idea quite literally. Mining has played a huge role in the development of our state. Even today, Missouri continues to be home to one of the world’s largest lead mining districts, producing some of the highest-quality lead on earth.

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The Cloud Goes Underground — SubTropolis Envisions Growth

TJ Bangs places his hand on the biometric palm scanner. Instantly, the bolted doors in front of him unlock, granting access to one of the most secure places in Missouri—the LightEdge Solutions data center room. Inside, tall racks of computers provide digital cloud storage for banks, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and others. The room is more than 100 feet underground,

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Going Geothermal — Keeven Taps an Underground Resource to Lower Utility Bills

Highs in the 90s, humidity off the charts, air conditioner running full throttle— the Missouri summer is here. But did you know that below you—just a few feet underground—it’s a refreshing 57 degrees? The Keeven family in New Haven has built a growing business using pleasant underground temperatures to help cool and heat Missouri homes and businesses. “The first thing

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Acting on Energy—Ameren plans efficiency programs

Ameren Missouri plans to invest $135 million over three years to support a broad portfolio of energy efficiency programs for business and residential customers. The new energy efficiency plan includes 10 programs specifically designed to help the company’s business and residential customers reduce their energy use and save money. The programs offer a variety of energy-saving opportunities, from reduced prices

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Closing the gap between workers’ abilities and employers’ needs

While working to figure out how to make Missouri a better place for business, one issue stood apart: finding a properly educated workforce. According to the Gallup survey contracted by the Missouri 2030 project, only 15 percent of Missouri business owners agree that high schools are preparing students for the workforce, and 75 percent believe that public schools in Missouri

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Biotech start-up shows what it takes to survive in Missouri

Every year, patients in the United States are prescribed billions of dollars worth of unneeded antibiotics. Even worse, the misuse of these drugs is causing a rise in antibiotic-resistant infections, a serious health threat that leads to $20 billion in additional health care costs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Tom Cohen has an idea to

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